Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Arushi Murder Case

Anita Durrani, a doctor, who Noida police said had an extra-marital affair with Rajesh Talwar that led to the murder of his daughter and domestic help last week, on Saturday rejected the allegations and said all this was "wrong" and "baseless" and both the families had good relations.

A day after Noida police had made the allegation, Anita and her husband Praful Durrani told reporters that what the police said was "very, very shocking. Everything is false. Nothing is true. All these things are baseless".

The doctor couple Durranis, who shared space with the dentist couple Talwars in their clinic, said they were like one good joint family.

Praful Durrani said "we depend upon the police but what they have said is all fraud".

A visibly distraught couple said they have not been investigated by the police and not talked to by the police even once.

Anita, also a dentist, said she knew Rajesh Talwar for the last 13-14 years and they were good family friends.

Arushi was like a daughter to them, a sobbing Anita said.

Asked why would police make such a charge and whether they would have done that without any evidence, she said "I don't know. I can't say".

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